Master-Grade Guitar Tops

Master-Grade Prices and Dimensions

Size Dimensions
in mm**
in inch**
Classic top 530 x 200 x 4,5 mm
(2 sym. boards)
20.87 x 7.87 x 0.18 "
(2 sym. boards)
Western top 550 x 215 x 4,5 mm
(2 sym. boards)
21.65 x 8.46 x 0.18 "
(2 sym. boards)
Jumbo top 560 x 230 x 4,5 mm
(2 sym. boards)
22.05 x 9.05 x 0.18 "
(2 sym. boards)
Bouzouki top 410 x 155 x 4,5 mm
(2 sym. boards)
16.14 x 6.10 x 0.18 "
(2 sym. boards)

* The prices are in EURO and net from my delivery department in Ruhstorf/Germany.
** Dimensions can vary a little from top to top. For the exactly measures of YOUR tops, please check out the photos attached on individual offers.

Master-Grade Guitar Top Features

Physical and Optical Grading Properties Master-Grade
Minimum of run-outs (exact split)
Cross silk pattern (medullary rays), accurate quarter-sawn
Very low density (relation from exact weight to volume)
Symmetric reflection of light (based on exact split cutting)
Annual ring spacing from minimum 10 rings per inch (25 mm)
Very straight growth and grain and no visual defects
Even color (no color variations from compression wood)

The above mentioned table shows the main quality properties of my Master-Grade guitar tops. This table should be only a guideline, rather the main point by classification is the combination off all quality properties and finally the optical aspect of a guitar top as a whole! Furthermore wood is a NATURAL PRODUCT, therefore every guitar top is unique. Slight deviations in the appearance of the guitar tops with the following grading properties, do not represent defects. Finally the overall impression at the classification suburb decides about a guitar top's grade.